COBWEB CORNERS: Thanks for readers’ ideas

By Mel McFarland

       I am constantly amazed at what I learn from our readers. Every now and then I get comments about stories I do. I recently received three great packages of ideas. I was given a big box of newspaper clippings from one of my friends down in Fountain. She had saved these over the last few years, largely from the Pueblo newspaper. It is stuffed with stories, not so much about Colorado City or Fountain, but this area as a whole. Rather than throw the clippings out, she asked if I could use them. I have already sampled a few of them, and it looks as if many will find their way into this column.
       I received a small package from a long-time friend, who goes back to our high school days. He even lived across from Whittier too! He found several old newspapers for me, including an old Colorado City Independent. This has some terrific things in it. The third was a bundle of old Denver papers that I am just starting to unravel. Another good friend had found these used as padding in an old floor he was redoing. He recognized that there were unusual stories in them, and rather than just throw them out, saved them. The papers are over 60 years old, and even though they are from Denver, there are stories with connections to us!
       An amazing thing occurred after my story on the Woodman Tents. I have learned of several locations of these buildings that I had not checked out. True, though not many are in Colorado City, but many are in Colorado Springs. I had even walked past a house on my way to North Junior High that has two of them built into it! A lady from that neighborhood thought I would be interested in this. OH BOY! Not only that, but next door there is a restored/modernized one! All of these deserve a big thank you! Not that I was running out of things to write about, but this sure helps. I mentioned earlier that I get a lot of ideas right here at the paper, but you, the readers, let me know you enjoy the strange path this column sometimes follows.
       One last item has to do with old neighborhood grocery stores. I have learned about a few that I had never noticed here in Colorado City. I did a column a long time ago that talked about the ones in downtown Colorado City, but missed the fact that the first Safeway was actually in an existing storefront (at 25th Street) before it built the one at 23rd (now the Goodwill store).