Owl saved outside PV swim club
       As I was leaving the Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Association's (PVNA's) extended trash day May 17 outside the Valley Swim Club, I saw something hanging on the pool's fence. At first it looked like someone had hung up a coyote skin. As I drove past and snuck a look, I could see that it was an owl and thought I saw the eye move. I backed up and got out and found a beautiful great horned owl hanging on for dear life, caught in a net, perhaps a badminton net.
       Because I had to lead a house church meeting at my home, I called PVNA member Jonathan Wuerth because he is an outdoor education teacher and always willing to help, it seems. Jonathan called a friend and they covered the great bird to calm the animal and protect it from the sun that was by then blazing down. He then called the police and Division of Wildlife, who came and helped in the rescue. A lot of string had to be cut out of the pool's net, and when the owl was safely in a wildlife carrier, it appeared that no wing or leg was broken. The wildlife official took it off to properly release it. Isn't it great to hear of such a rescue? Great news!
       (We've let the swim club know it was us who destroyed their net to save the owl, and we will pay for a replacement.).

Dick Wulf, President
Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Association