Police set up ‘hotline’ for animal-control service complaints

       A “hotline” has been established for any complaints about the delivery of animal control services in the city of Colorado Springs. The number is (719) 444-7641 and is housed at the city's Police Operations Center. Callers are asked to leave a message or call 911 if it's an emergency.
       For animal control services, the city contract this year is with the Colorado Humane Society (CHS) at 227-PETS (7387). It's located on Abbott Lane, across from Wal-Mart.
       CHS took over the city coverage this year from the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, which still handles animal control for El Paso County.
       With CHS being new, “there were some complaints,” said Lt. Rafael Cintron of the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD). “Those calls were going all over city government. To make sure we could track all the complaints, we set this up so people would have one place to call. It's the most efficient way to handle that.”
        Because of its responsibility for animal services (such as dealing with loose, dangerous or barking dogs), the CSPD oversees CHS. However, police are not responsible for CHS' humane services (e.g., adoptions and licensing).

Westside Pioneer article from a press release