Whittier grad adds artist’s touch to school’s calendar

       The calendar of a grade-school newsletter is not where art lovers normally go for edification.
        In the case of Whittier Elementary, they're missing out.
       Bruce Lindsey, a former Whittier student whose great-niece now attends the school, has been spicing up the newsletter's monthly calendar with little event-related “doodles” since April. Examples are a rabbit being pulled from a hat for the April 15 talent show, butterflies following a road sign to Denver for the second-graders trip to the Butterly Museum April 19, and a kid buried in books for the May 3-7 Book Fair.
       “I have a lot of fun with it,” he said, “and the kids seem to like it. They even put it up on their refrigerator.”
        Lindsey works as a rental property owner, but has been drawing steadily since he was a youngster. One of his past works that locals may recall was the “Captain With-It” comic put out by the Pikes Peak Library District in the late 1970s.
        That comic is a classic example of how fame can elude a person. “I did it for free with the agreement that my name would be on the cover,” he said. “But when the comic came out, the printer chopped my name off (from the bottom of the page).”
       Another time he sketched an old barn in Kansas, not bothering to sign the work. A while later, he learned that the sketch was on placemats “all over Kansas,” according to his mother, Eileen. Of course, he got nothing for it.
        In recent years, partially because of health problems, Lindsey has drawn “mostly for his own enjoyment,” Eileen said. “He always makes me a Father's Day card,” said his father, Eugene.
       They are long-time Westsiders, still living in the same house on Columbia Road that they bought in 1955 and son Bruce grew up in.
       Lindsey works on the newsletter with his niece, Tara Mick. She recently became the newsletter editor, in addition to a host of other volunteer activities she performs at the school.
       “She has spent so much time there that a teacher thought Tara was actually paid staff,” Lindsey said.
        Mick recruited her uncle onto the newsletter after a comment he made. She showed him the Whittier newsletter and “he told me he'd seen better ones in nursing homes. So I told him he ought to get involved.”
        Her daughter, Alicia, will be going into second grade next fall.

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