Fast-track grading plan suggested for Gold Hill

       Construction dust and traffic impacts are emerging as the biggest worries for the nearest neighbors to the proposed Gold Hill Mesa subdivision.
       With dust expected to be at its worst when grading begins this year, developer Robert Willard offered to fast-track that effort during a public meeting May 26 at Midland Elementary.
       By working long hours and using as much equipment as possible, he said the grading could be completed in 30 to 60 days. To stretch it out over a longer time would be like “Chinese water torture” for nearby residents Willard said.
        Complicating the grading work is the need to “cap” the mesa portion of the property - about 145 of the total 210-plus acres south of Highway 24 and east of 21st Street - to seal in the tailings from the one-time gold-milling operation on the site.
       Regarding traffic, representatives of Willard's Gold Hill Mesa Township Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) described plans to incrementally improve neighboring streets (such as 21st Street and Lower Gold Camp Road) as development proceeds, the LLC's request to the state for access using 14th Street, and an intent to encourage walking instead of driving for residents in the subdivision itself.
       About 50 people attended the meeting - roughly half the number at the last Gold Hill Mesa neighborhood meeting over a year ago.
       The LLC has submitted a concept plan to the city with slightly less density than that approved by Colorado Springs Planning Commission last year, as well as a development plan for Filing 1 north of Lower Gold Camp, with hopes to start building 176 houses/townhomes this year.

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