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Letter: Why no insurance to cover added power costs?

       Having been a business owner and had a car plow through the storefront of my restaurant… why is the additional cost of electric power being charged to Colorado Springs Utilities customers and not to an insurance company?
       In our incident, the insurance companies paid for the damage to the building and the loss of income we had occurred during reconstruction.
       I believe insurance should cover these additional costs instead of the user. Also, wouldn't it be a good time to end the debate of relocating the plant now that we are rebuilding a portion of it?

       Jerry Tolve

       Editor's note: The Westside Pioneer referred the initial question in this letter to Patrice Lehermeir of Colorado Springs Utilities. This was her answer: “We have explored insurance policies for replacement power and found that these policies are expensive, slow to reimburse and offer incomplete coverage. It's likely, also, that a policy like that would cost customers more over the long run. The policies can run in excess of $2 million annually. We're not alone in respect to this subject. These policies are typically not purchased in the electric industry, especially by utilities who generate electricity through the use of fossil fuels.”

(Posted 5/28/14; Opinion: Letters)

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