Westside schools:
Some staffers retiring after school year

       Some District 11 Westside schools report staff members retiring after the 2010-11 school year. They are:
       Howbert Elementary - Bob Copelli, fourth-grade teacher; and Lynnette Pfeiffer, psychologist. (Note: Principal Gail Smartt is not retiring, but relocating to another school for her final year with District 11.)
       Jackson Elementary - Anne Dancy, principal; Gail Davis, fourth-grade teacher; and Kate Schuck, first-grade teacher. (Note: Dancy had been at the school 21 years and Schuck 15).
       Midland Elementary - Lucia Pelletier, kindergarten teacher; and Pat Steffens, head secretary.
       West Elementary - Kay Farran, first-grade teacher; Rob Rodine, music instructor; and Jennifer Shaw, fifth-grade teacher.
       Holmes Middle School - Lynn Summers, seventh-grade science teacher.
       Coronado High - Matt Brickell, science teacher and wrestling coach; and Ruth Gathings, math teacher.
       Bijou School (alternative high school) - Carol Parks, literary resource teacher.
       Champion coach retires

Matt Brickell

       He says it's a coincidence, but Matt Brickell picked a good way to go out.
       The Coronado High science teacher for 25 years and wrestling coach since 1989 will retire after this school year - the one in which his team captured the school's first-ever state wrestling title.
       Asked for his actual retirement reason, “it's time for a change,” Brickell replied with a grin.
       He had taught 30 years in all.
       Midland 3rd grade up
       Midland Elementary's third-graders led the Westside in recently released, “unofficial” third-grade reading test scores from Colorado Department of Education's 2011 Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP).
       The school also showed the greatest CSAP improvement in that category from the previous year. It went from 56 percent of its third-graders reading at a proficient and advanced level in 2010 to 88 percent in 2011.
       Third grade is the first year CSAP tests are offered. Students take the test every spring through 10th grade. In most grades, the subject matter also includes writing and math. The unofficial third-grade reading results are released early, while the other scores come out in early August.
       Scores of Proficient or Advanced indicate that students understand their grade-level curriculum.
       Midland is an International Baccalaureate (IB) school with Principal Jeremy Cramer in his first year.
       The second-biggest jump was made by Bristol Elementary. Bristol, now in its second year under former Pike Elementary Principal Manuel Ramsey, upped its third-grade reading scores from 66 to 76 percent.
       The only Westside school beside Midland to score 80 percent or better on the third-grade reading was Buena Vista, at exactly 80 (compared to 85 last year).
       Last year's leader, Howbert at 86 percent, dropped to 71 percent.
       Other declines were seen at Jackson (from 80 to 78 percent), and West (from 61 to 57 percent).
       Teacher wasn't listed
       A photo caption below a picture of Midland Elementary kindergarteners in the May 19 Westside Pioneer listed two of the three kindergarten teachers at the school. Inadvertently omitted was Patti Doctor.

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