EDITORíS DESK: Gold Colorado City

       Now we just cross our fingers and hope the weather gods are kind again this year.
       That's what it comes down to with any outdoor event, but Territory Days is just a little bigger than most. Bigger this year than it's ever been, based on area covered and number of vendors. And the added features - another Indian dance group, another imbibing location, a name band, more children's rides - can only please the thousands of visitors all the more.
       Getting back to the weather, the good news for members of the Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA) merchants group is that even if gale-force winds blew every tourist halfway to Kansas, they would still make out all right financially on this year's event. Money is already in the OCCA bank account from the radio station sponsorship and the rental of booths. Of course, OCCA still stands to earn a nice profit during the event from sales of souvenirs (all proceeds), sales of Pepsi (all proceeds) and sales by food vendors (10 percent share). And, individual merchants have the opportunity to fare quite well too, based on the number of people who will be walking by their stores.
       Someone might ask at this point: Why should we care how Territory Days does? True, a successful event will have no immediate impact on the livelihood of most Westsiders. On the other hand... A good year will mean merchants can continue beautifying the historic district (which they're already doing); putting on less lucrative events, such as Scarecrow Days and Rocky Mountain Christmas, for us to enjoy; and spreading the news about Old Colorado City to the world. These are all things that say our area is strong and history is alive. Nearly 90 years have passed since Colorado City was its own town, but it remains in many ways the Westside's center.

- K.J.