Ace manager thanks PV for letters; new site still sought

       A letter-writing campaign by the Pleasant Valley Homeowners Association has been appreciated, according to Uintah Gardens' Ace Hardware manager Ricky Martinez
       The association has sent more than 150 letters to the local Ace ownership, urging it to find a way to stay on the Westside, according to Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Association Vice President Ron Wright.
       The store still plans to close, as announced in a previous issue of the Pioneer, around June 11. However, the ownership is continuing to look for another Westside location, Martinez said this week. A major rent increase at Uintah Gardens prompted the Ace decision to close the store if a new location cannot be found.
       Ace is one of the two Westside hardware stores that has announced it is closing. The other, Baker's Best in the Red Rock center, has not been seeking another location.

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