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Hikers follow the Intemann Trail through Section 16 in 2011.
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Intemann, Palmer trails reopen in Section 16; rest of Red Rock Canyon still closed

       Section 16, a 640-acre portion of Red Rock Canyon Open Space, has been reopened, a May 29 city press release states.
       The property is accessible from the Section 16 trailhead off Gold Camp Road.
       Its main trails include the popular Intemann and Palmer Trails. Section 16 had been part of the closure that encompassed all of Red Rock Canyon after the heavy rainfall in May.
       Due to a Sand Canyon dam breech and significant damage to trails, the rest of Red Rock Canyon remains closed. Also still closed are the trails from Section 16 into Red Rock Canyon proper, the press release states.
       A follow-up e-mail May 30 from Anthony Maltese, president of the Friends of Red Rock Canyon board of directors, elaborates that "several board members evaluated the Intemann Trail from Gold Camp Road to Bevers Place yesterday. We are happy to announce the opening of that section of trail as well as Section 16 to the south."
       The Intemann Trail was built and maintained for the past 27 years by volunteers with the Intemann Trail Committee, an informal group that retired after 2014.
       Maltese adds: "We have had many questions about the pond breech in the park that caused a huge amount of damage to the western part of the open space. The two ponds near the pavilion were not breeched, and are not in any immediate danger of doing so. The pond that breeched was located in the lower part of Sand Canyon, near the Contemplative Trail. This and several others like it that still remain in the park are normally dry and were installed without proper engineering by a previous owner of the open space. FoRRC [Friends of Red Rock Canyon] will be working closely with the city in the coming weeks to evaluate these other ponds to ensure another catastrophic event like this does not happen again."
       City Parks had announced Red Rock's closure (along with others around the community) May 19.
       Other continuing closures in the Westside area:
       - Midland Trail between 25th and 28th Streets.
       - Foothills Trail within Garden of the Gods between Gateway Road and the Navigators.
       - Garden of the Gods and Red Rock Canyon rock climbing (because sandstone is fragile when wet). NOTE: As of June 2, this directive has been rescinded for the Garden of the Gods.
       “Park and trail users are also encouraged to use good judgment to help protect our natural resources in the areas that remain open,” the press release advises. “Most parks and trails are completely saturated and muddy. Residents should stay on the trails - even if they're muddy - to help protect the land and natural areas.”

Westside Pioneer/press release
(Posted 5/30/15; updated 6/2/15; Outdoors: City/County Parks)

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