25 D-11 staffers retiring from Westside schools

       The following Westside school staffers are retiring after this school year (also shown are the classes they most recently taught, or the job they had, and the number of years they've been at their school):
       Bristol - Pam DeTurk, third-grade teacher, 20 years
       Buena Vista - Marilyn George, fourth-grade teacher, 14 years; Donna Lang, secretary, 21 years; Sue Sell, librarian, 8 years; Karen Bodmer, orchestra/choir teacher, 13 years.
       Howbert - Rick Gallegos, principal, 4 years; Barbara Rineer, first-grade teacher, 21 years; Shannon Shaw, PE teacher, 20 years.
       Ivywild - none.
       Jackson - Maureen Nelson, special-ed teacher, 20 years; Terry Moran, fifth-grade teacher, 5 years.
       Midland - none.
       Pike - Donna Wigton, P.E. teacher, 17 years; Judy Causey, librarian, 30 years.
       Whittier - Gary Cummings, fifth grade/art - 19 years
       Washington - none.
       Also retiring is Jeff Harshman, psychologist, who worked at multiple Westside elementaries.
       Holmes - Sharon Dirscherl, secretary, 6 years; Kathy McBride, eighth-grade social studies, 23 years.
       West - Bob Bell, eighth-grade social studies, 14 years; Ray Floyd, community liaison, 19 years.
       Coronado - Sharon Adams, ESP, study hall supervisor, 4 years; Jeanette Haberkorn, English teacher, 4 years; Elizabeth McClenahan, mathematics teacher, 18 years; Donita Nelson, ESP, principal's secretary, 10 years; Joan Powell, PE teacher, 30 years; Beth Weikel, English teacher, 13 years.
       Bijou - Jan Perry, reading teacher, 5 years.