City flowers to reward neighbors’ patience

       Westside residents near Old Colorado City won't get “survivor” T-shirts from this year's Territory Days, but they will be eligible for flowers.
       Colorado Springs Parks is giving out certificates this week for three 4-packs of annual flowers - one certificate per household - with distribution scheduled Wednesday, May 31 from 9 to 11 a.m.
       The certificates are available this week at the City Parks offices, 1401 Recreation Way. No identification will be requested; people just need to state that they are from the Old Colorado City area, explained Aimee Cox of City Parks.
       “We're hoping this will help beautify the neighborhood after Territory Days,” she said. “It's just another gesture, to say we recognize you have concerns and we're trying to address them.”
       The certificates will be first-come, first-served. Only 200 are available.
       People picking up certificates are also encouraged to pick up signs from City Parks that say “Welcome to Old Colorado City! Please do not park within five (5) feet of driveway.” Only two signs can be taken home per household, Cox noted. A total of 400 signs have been made.
       The flowers and signs resulted from meetings between neighbors and City Parks, Fire and Police and the volunteer Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) in past months, regarding Territory Days problems. Other issues include parking, trash and drunkenness.
       A stronger police presence has been pledged this year during Territory Days to deal with people breaking laws in the neighborhoods. In addition, temporary trash receptacles will be placed at neighborhood street corners.
       For more information about the flower certificates and signs, call City Parks at 385-6532.

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