FedEx folk latest to aid RMFI at GoG

       As part of a continuing restoration effort at the Garden of the Gods, the Rocky Mountain Field Institute (RMFI) joined about 30 local FedEx employees to restore erosion gullies in the Central Garden area of the Garden of the Gods May 18.

With a typically unique Garden of the Gods rock spire in the background, some of the FedEx volunteers work on the placement of a new wood step on a trail in the Central Garden area May 18. From left are Brian Warner, Renee Steeve, Patrick Clark and Chet Myers.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The work involved “hauling rocks and dirt, building check dams, and spreading native seed to restore a severely eroded and damaged area within the most heavily visited sector of the park,” according to a press release from Becky Reed, executive director of RMFI.
       This project was sponsored by FedEx and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation through the EarthSmart Outreach program, which had awarded RMFI $25,000 to support its restoration efforts within the park, Reed explained.
       Using volunteers, the Westside-based RMFI often sets special workdays with outside groups (such as FedEx) in addition to its regular spring and fall schedule at the Garden, so that its total number of workdays there is close to 50 a year, added Joe Lavorini, RMFI program director.
       The non-profit organization “promotes the conservation and stewardship of public lands in the southern Rocky Mountain region through volunteer-based trail and restoration projects, environmental education and restoration research,” the RMFI website states.

Westside Pioneer/press release