Uintah Gardens misses priorities
       Why waste money tearing up the Uintah Gardens parking lot when there are other priorities? The current Uintah Gardens Shopping Center parking lot work results in confusion, narrower driveways, traffic obstacles, concrete trash pits and fewer parking places.
       Why not instead devote resources to more urgent problems such as:
       Reworking the entrance at West Uintah Street to improve the safety of this dangerous intersection.
       Coordinating the stop signs, store entrances and pedestrian walkways painted on the pavement.
       Removing the recently installed curbing that intrudes into the traffic flow near the King Soopers fuel station.
       Replacing the two entrances closed near the Walgreen's construction.
       Contrary to what was quoted in the May 3 Westside Pioneer, most of the parking spaces removed are in the middle of the rows, not at the ends. I counted over 20 spaces that have been removed. Also, this lot will be an even bigger mess once they try to plow snow this winter. Maybe there should be a sign on this unnecessary curbing: “Sponsored by your alignment shop”?

Jay Lowery