Opposed to lane reduction in OCC
       I couldn't believe it when I read in your May 17 issue that Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA) is seriously discussing reducing Colorado Avenue lanes to one each direction between 24th and 27th streets!
       Has anyone stood along Colorado Avenue in this area and witnessed the number of cars driving along? Can't you imagine the bottleneck that will develop as two lanes merge to one? I only go into Manitou Springs now if I absolutely have to. It is not unusual for slowly creeping one-lane traffic to back up over a half mile outside of the Manitou shopping district. Parking is difficult.
       I am a local who loves to visit the knitting shop, library, eateries, and
       farmers' market in OCC. I enjoy the ease and pace of going downtown to work and back through OCC. Parking is always easy and plentiful. Changing two lanes each way to one will force local traffic to take Uintah or Highway 24 to avoid the bottleneck and OCC all together.
       Change stop light cycles to slow traffic if you must, but, PLEASE, do not
       reduce lanes!

Anne McDavid