Where Im From
By Britta Herrin

       I am from different worlds
       From tears and chaos
       I am from confusion
       From love and from hate
       I am from gratefulness for the things I have
       An open mind
       I am from the sadness of reality
       We always fight
       They are all either tweakers, stoners, alcoholics, or pill-poppers
       I no longer have much of a memory and rarely ever express
       myself aloud
       I am from deep depression
       Falling into a dark, un-ending hole
       I am from hyper-activity
       Never being able to hold still
       I am from sleepless nights
       The life of an insomniac
       I am from rare sleep-filled days
       The life of a partier
       I am from never knowing
       What's going to happen, who's going to flip, or where I will be
       I am from a strict schedule
       The same routine every day
       I am from hating drama
       To living it
       I am from hating cigarettes
       To smoking them
       I am from here to there
       And back again.

Editors note: Herrin wrote the above poem as an assignment at the Bijou School during her junior year. The title and the I am from... line openings were the required elements.