Construction, home sales continue at Gold Hill Mesa – just not as fast as expected

       Gold Hill Mesa is not selling homes at anywhere near its once-predicted pace of 144 a year. But during a nationwide market slowdown, the 53 sold in the 15 months since the major Westside development began offering houses is about the same pace as elsewhere in the city, project head Bob Willard said this week.
       Currently, 42 families live in the Filing 1 area near the project's Exchange Building off Lower Gold Camp Road.
       The entire 210-acre project, which is to be mostly residential with a commercial area near 21st Street and Highway 24, is anticipated eventually for about 1,000 homes, Willard has said.
       John Laing Homes also continues to add structures in Filing 1, at least for now. According to Willard, the home-building company has purchased 121 sites in all and pulled building permits on 80 of them.
       However, Laing is expected to slow its pace to keep its inventory from greatly exceeding the houses that are sold. This is because citywide there is a 10-month supply of “inventory houses,” which is considered high, according to Stephanie Edwards of the Gold Hill Mesa marketing staff.
       Filing 1 has been platted for a total of 168 units in all on about 27 acres.
       Filing 2, just to the west on 16 acres abutting 21st Street, has been graded for construction, but has not yet been platted.
       The hold on Filing 2 is also why Willard has not yet needed to widen 21st Street, as previously scheduled last year, he said. The city has called for 21st between Lower Gold Camp Road and Bott Avenue to increase to four lanes, at the developer's expense, once homes started being built in Filing 2.

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