EDITOR’S DESK: The community... and crime

       What kinds of stories should go in the Westside Pioneer? This is a question I've wrestled with since we got this paper underway in January.
       I know what kinds of stories I'd like it to have - the community-oriented kind that make us feel we're part of a genial whole here on the Westside. Examples might be this week's stories about the Family and Friends of Genny, voluntarily planting flowers in Thorndale Park; or little Bijou High School helping students with different drummers to find their way. Similar subjects in recent weeks are the development of the Midland Trail or the carriage service adding another horse or the poignant story behind the creation of the Bristol Elementary School mural.
       Unfortunately, the Westside being the best side still doesn't make it perfect. Hard luck, trouble and downright malignance know no borders. The Colorado Springs Police Department's Annual Report makes that clear enough. In 2003, there were 6,054 crimes on our side of town. Just think about that for a moment. 6,054. And that doesn't even include traffic stops. If I tried to report on all that, this paper would be nothing but crime.
       But is it right to ignore it altogether? Can we claim to be the Westside's “weekly news source” if we only print the news we want to see? An example is the murder last week on Colorado Avenue. People seemed to want to know if this tragedy might be a haribinger of additional dangers. The good news is no. If nothing else, we can take heart that such violence is rare here. Maybe, in its own way, that is the best community news of all.

- K.J.