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Territory Days, May 24-26 - photos from Days 2-3

A color guard consisting of representatives of different branches of the military was featured in Bancroft Park for Territory Days' annual Moment of Silence on Memorial Day (May 26) to honor America's war dead.

Hawk Quest, a nonprofit organization that studies and supports raptors, has been a Territory Days participant for many years, always given the same location on the south side of Colorado Avenue's 2600 block. Holding the birds in these two photos are Hawk Quest volunteers. LEFT: Robert Clearwater, with a bald eagle. ABOVE; Alison Cronk, with a peregrine falcon.
A turbulent sky can be seen to the west in this photo looking west in the 2600 block of Colorado Avenue around noon Sunday, May 25. Rain fell hard the two previous nights, but mostly held off on May 25 and 26. The crowds, apparently unperturbed by the weather reports, still came to the event in droves.
Some Sweet Day, a folk/bluegrass band (most of whose players are from the Centennial/Littleton area), performed May 25 on the stage in the Old Town Plaza (below the clock tower). The lineup was (from left) Cyndi Fallon, Eric Olson, Phillip Douglas, Lauren Douglas and Steve Wharton.
Athletes from the Westside-based Trampoline World put on a show in the northwest corner of Bancroft Park May 26. That's a trampoline below (with the colored flags) that the jumper is soaring above. He and others would take turns plummeting from the top of the truck onto the trampoline and, after doing several tricks, jumping back to the top of it again. According to Trampoline World owner Mike Zapp, the mural on the truck's "Tramp Wall" was painted by local artist Douglas Rouse.
ABOVE: Magician Tom Flynn, performing in the Old Town Plaza, appears to have stuck a sword through the neck of Riley Ross, a volunteer from the audience. So why is the boy smiling? RIGHT: American Indian dancers Garan Coons and Tawny Hale (shown here in the Courtship Dance) performed in conjunction with the Brule band, an annual Territory Days attraction on 25th Street, just north of the avenue. The photo was taken May 25 by Suzanne Kemp.
Jeff Irwin (center), a volunteer with the Gold Prospectors of Colorado, helps "greenhorns" pan for gold May 25 in an opportunity the group provides free to attendees each year at the event.

Westside Pioneer photos (except the Brule dancers photo by Suzanne Kemp)
(Posted 5/26/14, updated 5/27/14; Business: Events)

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