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Territory Days, May 24-26 - photos from Day 1

A view looks west into the event along Colorado Avenue from the barricade at 23rd Street.

Clint Chartier, contracted into Territory Days to explain American Indian lore, puts his horse through its paces to the delight of onlookers in Bancroft Park.

A western feel is unavoidable at Daisy's Millinery, which set up for its eighth Territory Days at the southwest corner of Bancroft Park. Adding to the effect are K.D. Hartley (left), a member of the Rocky Mountain Gunslingers (which is doing gunfight shows in the park); and Tim "Red" Matz (Daisy's husband and one of the organizers of the annual fast-draw event at Territory Days). Hartley said his sheriff's badge is true to the shape used in the original Colorado City.

A new ride (with a fee) at Territory Days this year lets people ride large four-wheeled bikes around a circuit in the 2300 block.

Wirewood Station, a nationally touring Colorado band, performed on the Bancroft Park stage. The name comes from "wire" (as in strings) and "wood" (as in the wood of the instruments), the band announced during its show.

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(Posted 5/24/14; Business: Events)

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