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Letter: Contrary to column, Baltimore-type riot not likely in Old Colorado City

       Of all the things I worry about, "Baltimore-style riots" occurring in the Old Colorado City part of the Westside is far down the list [referring to Editor's Desk column posted May 1, 2015, "What's to stop a Baltimore in Old Colorado City?"].
       We have a few folks of the mind to take on our law enforcement and engage in looting, but they are far fewer in numbers for what would be needed to achieve the "critical mass" needed for such an occurrence.
       Perhaps the South-East part of Colorado Springs could erupt in such behavior, given some real or imagined grievance, but even there, the community is spread out, compared to the urban areas where such riots arise. If I were concerned about the potential for this kind of disturbance, I would consult with our police force to see what their concerns are. I bet you would find they are not too worried about "insurrections" in Old Colorado City. Our "threats" are more in the category of flocks of beggars scaring away the public during our busy summer tourist season.

       Matthew Parkhouse

(Posted 5/22/15; Opinion: Letters)

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