Westside schools: Summer literacy programs start June 5

       Summer-school literacy programs are scheduled at four Westside elementaries and at Holmes Middle School. Classes are intended to help students get help in reading, writing and math. Students will be bussed, as needed, from their schools to the “host” site.
       The cost per student is $60, with cost breaks for students in a Title 1 (lower-income) school.
       For the elementaries, all but Pike's will be June 5-30 and run from 8 a.m. to noon. The host elementaries (followed by the Westside schools they will serve, if any) are Jackson (Howbert), Midland (Buena Vista, Ivywild, Whittier), Washington (Bristol) and Pike.
       Pike's program will be July 10-Aug. 4.
       Holmes' program will be for its students and those from West. The dates will be June 5-30 and the times from 8:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.
       For more information, call any Westside school.
       Howbert Elementary has a two-pronged fund-raising effort going - for “legacy stones” that will be laid in at the school's bus stop area on 31st Street and for one or more benches to go above them.
       The stones, 6 by 12 inches on the surface, sell for $60 each and are made of sandstone. Proceeds will support school art programs.
       The bench fund-raising effort is helping lighten up classes in the closing days of the school year. To inspire monetary pledges, teachers have promised to do things like wearing a gorilla suit, having a pet time in the classroom and “blowing a humongous bubble and letting a kid pop it,” explained Kristen Whitcomb, Howbert literacy teacher.
       An artist is also being sought to design the bench(es).
       For more information, call the school at 328-4200.

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