Extra effort by West End postal workers
       Unlocked my front door and picked up the mail. There was a very large, flat package with no return address on it. Hmmmm. Terrorist mail, or forgetful friend? Only one way to find out. I opened it. Inside I found one of my sketch books that I had lost a week ago. I had gone to the post office to mail something to a friend, and had wrapped the contents of the “something” in a drawing I had done for her, of my cat, Impy, in mailing the “something” to my friend.
       And I went on my Merry Way, apparently leaving my sketch pad with a number of original drawings and Xeroxes of Impy on the counter in the post office lobby. I ran a whole bunch of errands that day, and it wasn't until that night that I noticed the drawing pad wasn't in my car. The next day I retraced my path to various stores, my office, etc. No luck.
       It turns out that the guys at my local post office had to have done a really nice piece of detective work, and matched “jann” on one of the drawings with the only package in the outgoing bins that had that name on it. And they mailed it back to me. NICE WORK, GUYS AT THE WEST END STATION! Thanks!

Jann Durkin