EDITORíS DESK: An interesting media development

       It's not something we'd cover as a news story, because there's no clearly definable Westside impact, but the Independent's purchase of the Colorado Springs Business Journal is a bit of an eyebrow-raiser from a general media standpoint. The Indy's spin is that it puts the CSBJ - which had been owned by a national chain - back into local hands, which is true enough. Still, the Independent ought to be careful of the pot calling the kettle black, in that it frequently features front-page articles provided by national writers or services. And, invariably, such articles are in keeping with the Independent's unabashedly left-wing political stance. Freedom of the press and all that. I'm not going there. But it is interesting that in one of the most conservative major cities in the country, a liberal publication now controls the two biggest weekly publications. (It has also sought to buy the Gazette, but no deal to date.) Giving the local media situation an even more curious twist is the Indy's statement that it is also seeking to take on (from Dolan Publishing, the former CSBJ owner) the contract publishing of three regional military newspapers (at Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base and Fort Carson). Sounds like a foot in the door to me. Would it be that big a surprise if at some point in the future we see, oh, just as a wild example, photos of pot-smoking anti-war protesters on the covers of all those publications?
       OK, moving on to the Pioneer's local subject matter, I think it would be highly appropriate to recognize this year's Coronado High valedictorian, Jenna Humble; and salutatorian, Jasmine Kemble. Both are engineers, both musicians, and with futures so bright they should have been wearing shades for their photos.
       Lastly, hope to see you at the conservation easement meeting on Bear Creek Park May 22.

- K.J.