Red Rock volunteers complete Roundup Trail

       Close to 50 volunteers teamed up at Red Rock Canyon Open Space last weekend to complete the last 1,000 feet of an east-west trail connection across three canyons.
       “It's pretty cool,” commented volunteer Shanti Toll, who worked both days, noting that the trail represents one of the few east-west connections in that area.
       The 1.3-mile Roundup Trail traverses Sand Canyon, Greenlee Canyon and Red Rock Canyon in the southern portion of the 788.1-acre city-owned openspace. Connecting with south-north trails, the Roundup will provide opportunities for loops with other trails, City Parks Development Manager Chris Lieber pointed out.
       “We're excited to have that piece complete,” he said. “We really appreciate the volunteers and the great work.”
       He added that signs will be going in shortly.
       The weekend project was organized by City Parks with the Friends of Red Rock Canyon and Friends of the Peak volunteer groups. The Roundup project started over a year ago with a project at its western end led by REI, followed by a project at its eastern end led by the Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado. This project, preceded by a trail-clearing effort along its length last month, connected the trail in the middle, Lieber said.

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