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2C roadwork locations on Westside: May 23 to June 5

       Here are the locations scheduled by City Public Works for 2C road upgrades on the Westside for the time frame of May 23 to June 5.
       - 2200 Busch Avenue, between Pine and Pecan streets - dig-out.
       - Wolff Place, between 23rd and 24th streets - dig-out.
       - Uintah Street, between 19th and 30th streets - concrete repairs.
       - 26th Street, between Colorado Avenue and Howbert Street - concrete repairs.
       - Glenn Street, between 19th Street and Stepping Stone Way - concrete repairs.
       Note that there could be traffic impacts at any time in the work locations, including the temporary loss of a through lane or even a detour around the site.
       2C was the name of the city-sponsored ballot measure that voters approved in last November's election. It established a .62 percent sales tax over a five-year span, dedicated to road improvements.
       The upgrades consist of concrete repairs (where applicable) and new paving on a prioritized list of road segments. A city website with 2C information can be found at https://coloradosprings.gov/public-works/page/right-way-infrastructure- maintenance-funding.

Westside Pioneer/press release
(Posted 5/20/16; Transportation: General)

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