Westside schools:
Shuttle returns with Howbert signatures

       Howbert Elementary students had a special assembly May 7 to commemorate the return of a poster that had been signed by students in 2006 before going up in the space shuttle a year later.
       Andrea Black from Lockheed Martin spoke at the assembly, along with Bryan DeBates of the Space Foundation.
       Adding to the day's fun, students were invited to come to school in space-oriented attire. So in the assembly gathering could be seen a few astronauts and aliens and one youngster who looked like a rocket.
       Kristen Whitcomb, the school's literacy resource teacher, joined in the fun by dressing as the cow that jumped over the moon.
       The signing, she explained, had taken place at lunchtime in May 2006. More than 200 signatures adorn the poster, which was on display for the assembly. “There's even a nice ketchup or barbecue stain on it,” Whitcomb laughed.
       The poster was part of the payload in June 2007 for the Space Shuttle Atlantis, which “launched into orbit to deliver the starboard truss segments and solar arrays which increase power capabilities to the International Space Station,” explained Karen Petersilie, a parent who helped organized the effort.
       A West Middle School team's hydrogen fuel-cell car raced all the way to the finals and gained fourth place out of a field of 41 teams at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) regional/state competition May 10 at Dakota Ridge High School in Littleton.
       West had four teams in all at NREL's 18th annual Junior Solar Sprint/ Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car event - two cars with solar power and two with hydrogen fuel-cell power.
       Overall, in all the events, there were 29 schools and 88 teams.
       West was the only school in the state with four teams, and all qualified and finished the race course, according to teacher/coach Ranganath Weiner.
       West's team members were: Ricky Cranbrook, Rileigh Darby McClure, Sylvia Donohue, Beth Luke, Greg Mina, Levi Panovitch, Chase Peterson, Zach Reineke, Dylan Standish and Angie Webb.
       Kayla Hafer of Coronado High has been named the ProStart student of the year for Colorado.
       CHS Family & Consumer Science teacher Leona Lindvall said Hafer's honor includes $74,000 in scholarships. The senior student plans to attend Johnson & Wales University in Denver, seeking a two-year degree in bakery/pastry and a four-year degree in business.
       Hafer was part of Coronado's culinary team in the state ProStart competition this year. ProStart is a food industry-supported program that combines cooking and food-service management skills.
       Coronado High students Sarah Jacobs and David Skivington have been chosen for the Congress Bundestag Exchange Award, which allows each of them to receive an all-paid year at a German high school.
       They are among 50 in the country to receive the award, which is funded by a partnership between Germany and the United States.
       The Coronado German teacher is Sharon Bronson-Sheehan.
       Whittier Elementary and West Middle School received 100 percent scores on recent food establishment inspection reports.

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