$17,000 value in CARES food drive

       Westside CARES' weekend food drive outside area grocery stores May 9-10 brought in a value of nearly $17,000, according to Stephen Brown, executive director for the non-profit coalition of 21 western El Paso County churches
       “We accomplished this by the significant efforts of many people,” Brown said in a press release. “Eighty-five persons gave at least two hours of time to stand in front of a store and invite shoppers to share some food with our pantries. My best preliminary estimate is that 23 people worked at transporting, sorting, counting, and distributing food for 152 hours.”
       The collection total factors in a door-to-door food drive, which brought in a value of nearly $2,400; and food drives that are running in at least four schools in the Westside CARES service area, he said.
       Additionally, the food drive received cash donations. These came to $1,333, plus, according to Brown, “a coffee can half-full of coins I hope to get counted this afternoon.”
       Westside CARES (standing for community action, resources and emergency services) has been serving the Westside's poor for 25 years. Prior to the food drive, he reported that the non-profit agency's pantries provided 13,775 persons each with three days of food in 2007. “The need continues to increase and the customary supplies of donated food are being stretched thinner,” he said.

From a press release