Pioneer: Wal-Mart ceases being outlet

       Until this month, the Westside Pioneer was moving about 250 papers a week at the Wal-Mart on South Eighth Street - representing about 5 percent of the 4,500- paper print run.
       The Pioneer was among roughly a dozen free papers available in a multi-tiered rack in the store's south lobby. The rack space was rented from Wal-Mart by a national distribution chain called Dominion Distri-bution, and the individual publications in turn rented space from Dominion.
       That all changed May 1, after Wal-Mart's corporate offices decided to stop renting rack space in all its stores, according to the local management.
       The Pioneer is looking for another major Eighth Street location and is also discussing a possible rental agreement inside Wal-Mart. But neither of these plans is bearing fruit at present. In the meantime, nearby locations include La Casita, 306 S. 8th; Landmark Ex-press, 304 S. 8th; Sheldon's Luncheonette, 310 St. 8th; and the Humane Society, 610 Abbot Lane.

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