What will be time capsule’s fate in 2058?

       OK, those of you reading this 50 years from now, pay close attention. There's this place on the front right side of the Coronado auditorium stage… no, the other right side… and that's where the 2008 senior “treasure” is hidden. Shh! It’s a secret! Coronado High senior Andrew Ives
shows where a nook was created for the time capsule on
one side of the new auditorium’s stage.
Westside Pioneer photo
       Senior Andrew Ives, is looking forward to being there. “Fifty years from now, when we reopen it, it will give us a good feeling,” said the student body president, who will be 68 years old then. “Hopefully I can remember where it is.”
       He'll have some help. The time capsule - a small, treasure-shaped box containing various items from present times - is to be the “senior secret” in years to come, with the location in the now-under-construction Coronado auditorium passed down from one senior class to the next. Another aid will be a video of Ives placing the capsule, courtesy of the school's Cougar TV.
       Finding the spot later on shouldn't be too hard. School administrators have authorized the installation of a panel in front of it that will say “2008.” On the panel's flip side will be a note giving permission to smash in the wall behind it in 2058, according to Assistant Principal David Engstrom.
       “I told them they're obligated to be sure I'm alive,” added the 40-ish administrator. “They have to try to look me up first. So it's gotten a little morbid, and funny.”
       The upbeat project evolved out of a downbeat situation - the Class of '08 having anticipated (based on the original construction schedule) - that the new, larger auditorium would be ready this school year. When that didn't happen (the date is now Aug. 4), the idea arose to let the seniors organize an auditorium time capsule and devise what to put in it.
       “That's the reason we're doing it,” said Ives, who will be going to Colorado State University this fall. “We seniors missed out on the auditorium, and this is a cool way to preserve the past.”
       Here's a prospective list of capsule contents: an ipod, a video game/controller, a cell phone, “Superbad” (a movie), a panoramic picture, a Time Magazine, an '08 penny and possibly a Colorado quarter.
       Another candidate for inclusion is this issue of the Westside Pioneer, Ives said, because it contains this story/photo about the time capsule. One can only hope that, just in case all the other reminders are lost or forgotten a half-century from now, another copy of this issue will still be out there (perhaps preserved as water-pipe liner in an old house), to guide the would-be capsule-openers.

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