House at 21st & Colorado to be relocated

       An 1898 house at 21st Street and Colorado Avenue has been raised in the air for a few weeks now, preparatory for a move to the Midland area of the Westside. The house at 2102 W. Colorado Ave. has a lofty view of the world, awaiting its move south of Highway 24.
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       Once the lot is vacant at 2102 W. Colorado Ave., owner Krag Beverly hopes to sell it as a commercial property (it is zoned C-5), according to his real estate broker, Jean Stahler.
       The plan is to move the house within a couple of weeks to an empty lot at 1128 Calvert Ave. (also owned by Beverly), where it would eventually become the upper floor of a “Victorian duplex,” Stahler explained.
       He has owned both properties since 2003, according to Assessor's Office records and had previously lived in the 2102 house, Stahler said.
       The decision to move the structure was made after a foundation problem was discovered, she said.
       The house had been up for sale for about three months with little response, she said, then added with a rueful laugh, “but when we started suspending it in the air, the phone was ringing off the hook.”
       Terry Brunette, an inspector for the Regional Building Department, said one issue with a commercial use at 2102 is that because it is a fairly small lot (5,400 square feet) setback variances would probably be needed to allow room for any business. Otherwise, city code requires that a corner commercial lot have a 25-foot setback from the inside edge of the sidewalk on both sides, he pointed out.

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