Heads up!
El Paso County not planning Bear Creek Park sale ... yet

       At a May 8 Organization of Westside Neighbors meeting, El Paso County Commissioner Sallie Clark announced that because of a county budget “crisis,” selling off park land is under consideration.
       She confirmed afterward that one of the parks being looked at is Bear Creek Regional Park, but clarified that no specific proposals have been made. “We are assessing ALL of the county's properties and assets as we trim $8.5 million from our already-thin budget,” she said. “Parks is just one department out of many under consideration.”
       Another element is Citizens for Effective Government, a recently formed consortium of area organizations that may propose a public health and safety tax increase (to go before voters in November), according to Clark. If passed, the new money flowing to the County Sheriff's and Health departments would reduce the county's need for overall budget cuts, she said.

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