EDITOR’S DESK: Busy week in Westside news

       A plethora of news this issue. We may even have set a record for ourselves. Counting each brief and school “blurb” as a separate item, our total comes to 29 articles (plus the Westside Happenings). Of those articles, 16 were generated by us, with scant or zero assistance from a press release. Those are the stories we typically denote at the end with “Westside Pioneer article.” Side note: We edit our press releases extensively in any case, looking for ways to make them shorter, sprightlier and (in some cases) less of a neon billboard for the entity that sent it.
       Personal stats aside, what all these numbers add up to is a busy week. That's usually the case when the end of the school year rises up to meet Territory Days. I hope most of you find one or both of those subject areas interesting; otherwise, we're going to have a lot of papers left at our outlets this go-around. Say, did you see our piece on the house in the air at 21st and Colorado?
       Regarding our outlets, we wish there was something we could do about the loss of Wal-Mart. We are saving a little money (not having to sub-lease rack space anymore), but we'd felt the expense was worth it to get the Pioneer into so many hands.
       Random comments on a few of the (numerous) news stories: Kids could do worse than take notes on the life-is-precious philosophies of Coronado High valedictorian Nic Mahoy and salutatorian Mollie Wolf... Still on Coronado - a cute plan with that auditorium time capsule... Kudos to Lynda Dunne for unabashedly fixing the historical "glitch" in Territory Days' origins... And last but hardly least, happy 80th birthday, Dave Hughes.

- K.J.