Another week for Cimarron bridge

       The new Cimarron Bridge will have its partial opening May 22 instead of the announced May 15 “because the bridge deck concrete does not yet meet strength requirements,” a city press release stated this week.
       City Public Works Director Ron Mitchell termed the delay “very frustrating,” noting that a cold winter caused delays that “put us right up against our opening date.”
       However, the release states, May 22 is still before Memorial Day weekend (the traditional start of tourist season), and the extra week will “ensure we have a quality product capable of serving our community for a long time. This is a 50-year investment. Another week is inconvenient, but reasonable.”
       The bridge spans Conejos Street and the railroad tracks. Traffic has been detoured around that location since last November.
       When the bridge does open, it will have three lanes (two eastbound during the morning rush hour and two westbound for the afternoon rush hour) and no weight restrictions, the release continues. Full completion is still scheduled for late August.
       For more information, call 636-1095.

From a press release