EDITORíS DESK: The Simpich and Garman resurgence

       An interesting, jolly coincidence is taking place in Old Colorado City.
       Simpich and Garman - both family-run businesses. Both operating virtually across the street from each other for 30-some years. Both successful in using character figures to portray impressions and ideas (albeit the one's style is a bit seedier than the other). Both families' younger generation(s) having to deal with the inescapable aging of the geniuses who had created the figures and had set up their respective manufacturing and sales operations. Both families muddling through uncertainty when those elders decided to retire and close up shop rather than sell their businesses to others.
       And now, like a parting of the clouds, both Garman and Simpich, almost simultaneously, are having grand openings for museum concepts that will keep their creativity at the forefront and (importantly as well) help Old Colorado City retain two of its "magnet" businesses. In an economic downtime when shopping centers across the land are losing stores, Old Town has been doubly blessed with comebacks by home-grown masters revealing a commitment to the area in which they had thrived for so many years.
       This issue of the Pioneer has an article detailing the new Simpich Showcase. The Garman opening occurred too late in the week for us to give it similar coverage. But we plan to do so next issue. Good news is worth waiting for!

- K.J.