Crews working on Douglas Creek near Chelsea Glen

       Repair work has started on one of two remaining priority segments of the Douglas Creek drainage channel west of Centennial Boulevard.

A work crew contracted through the Colorado Springs Stormwater Enterprise lays a cement “patch” this week where a channel bottom had been disintegrating in the Douglas Creek drainage channel.
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       Contracted crews were laying cement this week to replace about 80 feet of crumbling channel bottoms in an area behind the Chelsea Glen subdivision off Chesham Circle, less than a quarter mile west of Centennial. Completion is expected by next week.
       The other remaining priority area, about 100 feet long and farther upstream near Arrowswest Drive, had been termed a worse section, but Steve Jacobsen, a senior civil engineer with the Colorado Springs Stormwater Enterprise explained that a decision was made to first “patch the area closer to Centennial. Then we'll know how much money we have left.”
       Stormwater had freed up about $200,000 to spend on one or both areas after investing $300,000 on two earlier repairs along the nearly one-mile concrete channel between Arrowswest and Centennial. Focusing on parts of the channel where the concrete had broken up to expose the dirt below, the work has been described as “emergency repairs” that would serve as “spot fixes” while a long-range plan for the drainage channel was finalized this year.
       The emergency repairs have exceeded their original estimates. Going into this year, the Enterprise had expected to spot-fix four (and possibly five) main areas at a cost of $250,000. But that budget was used up on the first two; the current $200,000 was taken from the $3.8 million that had been set aside for the long-range work. The higher costs resulted from the discovery of extensive undermining at the first two locations, widening the scope of the work and requiring the use of much more concrete than anticipated, Jacobsen has previously explained.
       The work is being funded through fees paid by Colorado Springs residents to the Stormwater Enterprise.

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