Cathedral Ridge goes before Planning Commission May 21

       The Colorado Springs Planning Commission will hear two residential development requests by the Garden of the Gods Club LLC at its monthly meeting Thursday, May 21, including the prominent Cathedral Ridge proposal.
       City planner James Mayerl has recommended approval on both.
       The meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. at the Pikes Peak Regional Development Center, 2880 International Circle.
       The proposals are on adjacent properties west of Mesa Road and just south of the private club itself at 3320 Mesa. The nearer project is the proposed Club at Garden of the Gods subdivision, which would have seven lots as a result of removing a tennis court and revising the entrance from Mesa.
       The farther project is Cathedral Ridge, a slightly denser revision of a previously approved plan by that name for homes on a ridge overlooking the Garden of the Gods. The current proposal is for 89 lots on 37.3 lots, the plan states. The previous approval, covering most of the same area, had been for 77 units on 64 acres.
       (Previous calculations had put the revised Cathedral Ridge proposal at 116 lots; the number 89 results from city planners' deciding to exclude from the formal request 27 adjacent single-family lots that have been approved separately.)
       The development area stretches about three-quarters of a mile behind a lancscaped concrete wall that the LLC built about two years ago along Mesa Road. The revised plan has raised some concerns in the neighborhood, with letters to the city regarding possible blocked views from potentially 28-foot-high houses.
       Developer Dirk Gosda has held “numerous meetings with the adjacent neighbors,” according to the staff letter from Mayerl, adding: “The development plan has since been modified by increasing rear yard setbacks, rearranging lot lines and the street layouts to meet the various different concerns.”
       Mayerl's recommendations for approval on both requests indicate that the plans meet the necessary city regulations. He also pointed out that private streets and sidewalks connect both projects. As for complaints that the new plan has higher density than the old one, Mayerl said the 2.39 units per acre ratio is less than that in neighboring subdivisions, one of which is 15 units per acre.
       In addition to a residential development plan, the request to the city is for an amendment to a master plan that encompasses all the developable properties owned by the Garden of the Gods LLC on the Mesa. The plan now calls for 705 residential units in an area formerly owned by the Hill family that's about two by three miles in size.

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