Koukol, Dukellis top scholars

       Ben Koukol, and Taryn Dukellis were not only in band together at Coronado High School, they had a friendly competition for highest grade-point average in the 2004 senior class.
       In the end, with the winner selected from grades after the first semester this year, Koukol became valedictorian with a grade- point of 4.57 (weighted because of advanced placement classes), with Dukellis a close second at 4.55. The Westside Pioneer asked four questions of each of these two scholars:
       1) Name your high school activities and distinctions; 2) What are your post-high school plans? 3) Who do you credit for helping you attain your high level of achievement? 4) What was your most valuable high school experience?
       Activities/distinctions: National Honor Society, Coronado High School, Science/Environmental Club, Matchwits (knowledge-based competition); El Pomar in Youth Community Service
       Post high-school: St. Louis University, majoring in aerospace engineering, with a future goal of becoming an engineer in the space program.
       Credit: parents, Gayle Gilroy and David Koukol (for motivating him); and Vicki Ury (for helping work out his complicated class schedules)
       Valuable experience: Band, because of the “opportunity to work with a lot of talented people… to work for a goal, for something really great and really fun.”
       Activities/distinctions: National Honor Society, French Club, tutor at Pike Elementary, Coronado High School Band, Colorado Springs Youth Symphony Organization
       Post high-school: Denver University, majoring in computer science, pursuing a masters in business management, with a future goal of possibly starting a business of her own.
       Credit: Calculus teacher Elizabeth McClenahan (for helping nurture her interest in math); French teacher Patricia Weed (for inspiring her in the idea that high achievement is possible for anyone)
       Valuable experience: The work involved in getting ready for college (e.g., the applications and the essays); although she was denied her first-choice college (Duke University), she values the process as a learning experience.

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