Bach criticized for being developer
       There's been a lot of fuss over Richard Skorman using the “developer” label to describe mayoral candidate Steve Bach, but it seems accurate to me. Hasn't Bach's whole career been spent in the land development business? While he is a commercial Realtor right now, he has had other careers in the past, including homebuilding. The development community consists of homebuilders, realtors, land developers and related professions which all earn their living off of the development and sale of real estate.
       Most Westside residents know how powerful the development community is in this town, and would probably agree that turning over the power to them, in terms of electing Steve Bach as our first “strong mayor” is not a good idea.
       In the mayoral debate at the El Pomar Foundation, Bach made it clear that he would bend over backwards for the business community by cutting back regulations and speeding up approvals of land deals. He even said that we can turn off 30-40 percent of streetlights without compromising public safety! This didn't sound like wise governance to me, and one shouldn't take public safety so lightly.
       At least Richard Skorman would be independent of development interests and would be able to make more neutral decisions on city policies. When Skorman was on City Council, he did balance the needs of neighborhoods with the desires of developers. We need this kind of neutrality and balance where critical land use decisions are concerned. Skorman has my vote for this reason, and also because of his experience and business acumen.

Cyndy Kulp