No tax constraints good for Skorman
       May I point out that any tax increase proposed by the mayor or City Council must be approved by the voters of Colorado Springs? There-fore, I find that your decision to support Bach because he signed the ridiculous “no-tax pledge” a bit short-sighted [Editor's Desk, May 5 Westside Pioneer].
       While I think raising our super-low city property tax might be necessary to maintain our streets and public safety, any such proposal is subject to TABOR. I might also add that Bach's depiction of himself as a businessman who knows how to create jobs is inaccurate to say the least. All he's done for the last 20 years is collect real estate commissions in a grossly inflated market. What jobs has he created? In other words: “Where's the beef?” Further, what's he know about running a city government?
       As you might have guessed, I support Skorman for mayor. He does have the experience creating jobs, meeting a payroll, etc., and he knows how the city works. He knows the problems, and with his many contacts he knows the people to help solve those problems. He will hit the ground running without having one hand tied behind his back by that pledge.

Jeff Eichengreen