EDITORíS DESK: Not even the FOGGiest notion

       So here I was, looking at a third straight week of not finding news space for even an edited version of an e-mail that John Demmon, president of the Friends of Garden of the Gods (FOGG), had submitted to the Westside Pioneer, explaining what FOGG has been doing. Not that anything was wrong with what he wrote... just every time I'd look for a spot to put it, something else more timely had to go in first.
       Well, enough of that. I don't feel as though I have anything earth-shaking (or even quivering) to editorialize about this issue, so let's use this space for John's simple recounting of recent activities by one of the hardest-working volunteer groups on the Westside.
       "1. As the end of the school year approaches, our youth education program, which we call Parks Plus and which, for grades K through 2 is an introduction to the park and for grades 3-6 is on the geology of the park, has had nearly 4,000 participants. Many are from Westside schools and were totally funded by FOGG grants, including their bus transportation. The children really seem to enjoy these field trips to the Garden of the Gods, and the presentations are designed to meet certain State of Colorado educational objectives.
       "2. April 16 was the very successful celebration of Earth Day at the Garden of the Gods. FOGG had more than 100 volunteers participate that day in a clean-up of 30th Street and the Garden. In addition, we funded much of the staff support in the Visitor and Nature Center (VNC) and fully funded the Indian Dancers, the wolf presentation in the VNC theater, and the birds of prey from the Raptor Center in Pueblo. More than 3,000 people came by the VNC that day.
       "3. FOGG members participated in the reclamation effort May 7 of the 'extreme' mountain bike trail, along with the folks from Medicine Wheel, city staff and other groups. In addition, we will be working side by side with the Rocky Mountain Field Institute (RMFI), setting up and manning a table with volunteers, to educate the public about RMFI's May project in the Central Garden area of the Garden."
       Thank you, John. There, now. Wasn't that nice? But be ready for next week. It will be after the mayoral election, and I'll be loaded for bear!

- K.J.