Bijou car show earns $900 for school

       Under sunny, warm skies, the first-time “Classic, Street Rod & Antique Car Show” at the Bijou School attracted entries for 41 vehicles, helping earn (along with concessions) more than $900, according to organizer Dave Fisher.

Adan Ramirez stands beside the '63 Chevrolet he customized.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The event was a fundraiser - the money will go for a reward or scholarship to a high-achieving student at the alternative high school at 2904 W. Kiowa St., according to Fisher, its security officer.
       “We had no complaints, and everyone had a good time,” he said of the event. Beforehand, he had hoped it would prove popular enough to become an annual event, so he was glad to report afterwards that “the principal [Kathryn Presnal] told me to pick out a date for next year.”
       The originally planned date, April 30, had turned out cold with a threat of snow, so Fisher decided to use the May 7 “rain date.” It resulted in the best weather of this spring and numerous interesting vehicles. “We had four low-riders and even a hearse,” he said.

A view from 29th Street shows several of the 41 vehicles in the car show outside the Bijou School.
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       Two of the cars were his own - a 1972 Chevy truck and a 1956 Chevy sedan, complete with Goofy at the wheel and a drive-in diner tray with a “burger” and “shake” on the driver's side window.
       One eye-catching car was a 1963 Chevy Impala, restored and customized (including leather interior, extensive chrome work and mirrors on the inside of the hood) by Adan Ramirez of the Citywide Car Club. He spent a year working on the car after finding it online and towing it here from California three years ago. “It was a wreck when I got it,” Ramirez said.
       His overall upgrade cost was about $25,000, but he enjoyed doing it. “I was there every day after work,” the construction employee said, “sometimes up to 11, sometimes to midnight.”
       His goal now is to sell the '63 so he'll have enough money to buy and fix up a model he especially wants - a 1958 Chevy convertible.

Dave Fisher’s ‘56 Chevy, complete with a “Goofy” driver and drive-in tray from that era.
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