Red Rock: State fixes highway sign wording

       Colorado Springs Parks officials are happy that the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has finally put up the correct signs for Red Rock Canyon Open Space. The old signs on Highway 24, which were put up in 2005, had identified it as “Red Rocks Canyon Park.”
       City Parks Development Manager Chris Lieber said the state put up the original sign as a result of an internal miscommunication.
       Volunteer workers will be finalizing the new trail from the to-be-completed Red Rock Canyon Open Space's 31st Street trailhead this weekend, May 13- 14.
       The roughly half-mile multi-use trail will go west and connect with the trail leading from the Ridge Road/High Street trailhead.
       The Trails & Open Space Coalition will organize the work May 13 and Friends of the Peak May 14.
       Volunteers will meet at the 31st Street trailhead, a few hundred feet south of Highway 24. Pre-registration is recommended. For more information, call the Trails and Open Space Coalition at 633-6884 or Friends of the Peak at 471-3145.
       Respecting the wishes of early donors to the Red Rock Canyon Foundation, the Friends of Red Rock Canyon Open Space is donating $663 to City Parks.
       “The Red Rock Canyon Foundation's fundraising effort was very much in its infancy when the City did purchase Red Rock Canyon Open Space,” explains Friends board member Don Ellis in a letter to the city. “The Red Rock Canyon Foundation [since renamed the Friends of Red Rock Canyon Open Space] had received a few small individual donations and the proceeds from one event, all of which were intended to be used for the purchase.”
       The money will help the city repay the $12 million loan which was used in buying the 788.1-acre property in 2003.

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