Assila new student leader at Coronado

       Alex Assila, who has been involved in student government since his sophomore year, has been elected Coronado High School's student body president for the 2012-13 school year.

Incoming Coronado Student Body President Alex Assila (left) outside the school with his predecessor, Drew MacMillan.
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       He and outgoing President Drew MacMillan, who will graduate with the class of '12, have been working together on the transition since students elected Assila in mid-April, the duo explained in a recent interview.
       Recalling how it was for him when he came in a year ago to start his term, MacMillan said, “You learn some things for yourself and you learn some things from the old guy.”
       Assila, Class of '13, doesn't plan any radical changes to the existing, annual student government activities, such as Homecoming, Harvest of Love and Drive Smart or two fundraisers initiated under MacMillan (the Fall Festival for Care and Share and a Chick Filet event for the Homecoming Parade). “If it's not broken, don't fix it,” Assila said.
       At the same time, the new president is open to other possibilities, including establishing a connection with Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA), to help bring that issue to the forefront with students.
       A basic tradition Assila wants to continue is Coronado's school spirit. Admitting he didn't feel that way inititially as a freshman, he believes learning to enjoy school reflects a mature, positive overall outlook that can lead to success. In that regard, as president, he said he wants to be a “positive influence” for other students, to help them see that they “could do something great.”
       Assila's career goals are currently undecided. He said he's interested in astronomy, science and law.
       After graduating, MacMillan said he'll attend CU-Boulder this fall, studying engineering.
       At Coronado, the student body president heads up a Cabinet of 10 to 14 students, and they are also part of a group of 40-plus students who make up the Student Council.

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