55, female and have a basketball jones? West Intergenerational Center wants you

       If you're a woman age 55 or older and you like to play basketball, the West Intergenerational Center could be the place for you Tuesday, May 13. Center officials E.D. Rucker and Carmen Vazquez have scheduled an informational meeting at 6:30 p.m., with the goal of forming one or more local teams, or even a summer league (if there are enough sign-ups).
       The West Center is at 25 N. 20th St.
       The proposal is based on national statistics showing that more than 130,000 55-plus women play basketball at least 50 times a year, as well as the local reality that some from this area drive to Boulder at least once a week to play in the league up there, Rucker said.
       If a league comes together, it would be the first of its kind in Colorado Springs. City Parks currently has no 55-plus basketball league for either men or women (although one for men is being considered), he said.
       According to Vazquez, the idea came from a citizen at a recent public meeting at the center.
       The games are half-court, with three players on a side. The games would be played in the West Middle School gym (the school adjoins the center).
       A fee would be charged for participants; the amount is yet to be determined, Rucker said.
       Through informal means, he has already heard of at least three local players who want to participate. “We're going to have a team,” he said. “We'll try to have several teams. Our hope is to have our own league here so we don't have to go to Boulder.”
       In fact, he said, he would like to have a tournament at West that would draw Boulder-area players to this locale.
       Rucker also made the point that any league would be “an instructional league. If there are women who want to come out and learn the game, we will have coaches.”
       Another note: Women of age 50 and older can also play, as long as there is only one on a team.
       For more information, call the West Center at 385-7920.

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