19th St. pond ‘trash-dumping trouble spot’

       A recent listing by the city's Stormwater Enter-prise ranks the 19th and Dale streets detention pond as one of the city's 17 worst “trash-dumping trouble spots.”
       A major problem with the site is shopping carts, according to a Stormwater Enterprise press release. City workers recently removed six of them, yet three more had rolled in this week at the pond's water-access point off 19th Street.
       “About 250 shopping cart a year end up in city creeks,” the release states. “Local grocery stores have declined interest in retrieving their carts so they get crushed for recycled scrap metal.”
       The pond is on another city list - for “critical” drainage-control projects. It is slated for a new outfall at an unspecified future date.
       The release continues that funds from the Stormwater Enterprise fees allow city crews to “perform routine maintenence and make small repairs on a regular basis.”
       To report a location that requires stormwater maintenance attention, call 385-5934 or e-mail streetdivision@springsgov.com.

Westside Pioneer/press release