Lilies for Lily: Fundraising for young accident victim

       Two fundraising efforts are starting on behalf of a Pleasant Valley girl who suffered serious injuries when a vehicle hit her while she was riding her bicycle in an alley the afternoon of April 19. Lily Griesan
       Treated at a local hospital after the accident, Lily Griesan, 6, a kindergartner at Howbert Ele-mentary, was relocated this week to Chil-dren's Hospital in Denver to address possible brain-injury issues, according to friends of the family.
       One fundraiser is through Howbert. Called “Lilies for Lily,” its goal is to sell 500 lily bulbs (2 for $5) and give the proceeds to the family. “A lot of people want to help,” said Howbert literacy resource teacher Kristen Whitcomb. “This is a nice way to support the beautiful little kindergartner.”
       To buy bulbs, people can come to the school, 1023 N. 31st St., during or right after school, or they can call 328-4200 for more information.
       Another fundraiser is through Rick's Nursery, 600 N. 18th St. From May 10 to 18, Rick's is donating a third of the sales of potted lily perennials to the Griesans.
       City Police are reportedly considering charges against the 16-year-old driver of the vehicle that hit Lily. The accident occurred in the alley west of the 600 block of Valley Road, according to a police report.

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