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Historian Jeff Broome to discuss 1864-1869 Indian raids in Posse of the Westerners talk May 12

       Historian Jeff Broome will speak about his book, “Cheyenne War: Indian Raids on the Roads to Denver, 1864-1869,” at the monthly meeting of the Pikes Peak Posse of the Westerners Monday, May 12 starting at 6 p.m. at the Colorado Springs Masonic Hall, 1130 Panorama Drive.

The cover of Jeff Broome's book.
Courtesy of Pikes Peak Posse of the Westerners
       According to a Posse press release, “Broome researched thousands of firsthand accounts of these events and will share some of the more interesting of these stories he uncovered during his research.”
       Admission is $16, which includes a casual, buffet style dinner. Reservations are requested in advance at 473-0330 or posse@dewittenterprises.com.
       The Posse is a history-oriented nonprofit organization that was formed in 1976. New members are welcome.
       In his presentations and writings over the years, Broome has disagreed with historians who have defended the Indians as simply defending their land against American “Manifest Destiny.” In a 2007 talk at the Old Colorado City History Center, Broome said he supports Manifest Destiny. “We wouldn't be here if we didn't have it,” he noted. But it's also true, he said in the same talk, that those were difficult times for the American Indians of the Great Plains. With the steady incursion of Western settlers, the buffalo that had been so key to their lives was disappearing; also, treaties were shrinking their lands, and largely unprotected settlers bore the brunt of most of the Indian attacks.
       The press release adds that Broome is a fifth-generation Colorado native, whose great-great-grandfather arrived in Colorado in 1859. His family later homesteaded where present day Wetmore is located.
       Broome has three philosophy degrees. In addition to one book about philosophy, he has written three books on the Indian Wars. Since 1985, he has been a professor of philosophy at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton.

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