Moreno Ave. proposal would slightly change nonprofit’s effort at same site to aid troubled youths

       City Land Use Review is taking public comments on a proposal that would basically continue a program at an eight-unit Westside apartment building to transition young men who have been in trouble back into society.
       The building location is 1038 W. Moreno St., a nearly 1-acre property just down the street from the Colorado Springs Police Depart-ment's Gold Hill Substation.
       A Christianity-based nonprofit with the slogan “building bridges to manhood,” TwoCor Projects has had two to eight young male parolees, ages 18 to 20, residing in the building since early 2008. TwoCor bought the property in 2009.
       “We specifically chose this site due to its close proximity to, among many things, the Colorado Springs Police Department, though we have not had too many incidents where they needed to come intervene,” reads a project description submitted by James Hinkle, executive director of TwoCor.
       The plan is to not only remodel the building to better suit program needs, but to bring “more supervision to this location than what we have provided over the last three years,” Hinkle's project description also states.
       The formal request to the city is for approval of a development plan to allow the apartment building to become a 10-bed residential child care facility (RCCF) for males aged 15 to 20. “The proposed RCCF license will allow and require TwoCor to have on-site, around-the-clock… staff in the facility and on premises,” his description adds.
       The revised TwoCor effort would be in conjunction with El Paso County Human Services, helping that agency's “efforts to return over 150 youth from treatment centers around the state,” the description continues. “This proposal can help bring youth back into our community.”
       The nonprofit's website is
       Sue Matz of City Land Use Review said she is holding off on a recommendation until she hears back from the community on the TwoCor proposal. The deadline for comments is May 13.
       Matz can be reached at 385-5355 or at

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