Midland Trail taking shape in 3 areas

       The Midland Trail construction project is showing new signs of progress.

The Midland Trail segment going between Fountain Creek and the Garden of the Gods Campground was paved this week almost to Columbia Road (where the person is walking). The fence posts bordering the north side of the trail were placed by the campground.
Westside Pioneer photo

       Phase 3 (from 31st Street to Ridge Road and from Columbia Street to Manitou Springs) has been mostly paved, while pruning work near the Fountain Creek RV Park and the city's Vermijo Park signaled the start this week of Phase 2 (from 21st Street to 31st Street).
       Even Preisser Inc., which already has the Phase 3 bid, also came up with the best bid for Phase 2 from 25th to 31st, according to Sarah Bryarly of City Parks.
       “This work does not include the detour [using city streets because no other easement was available] from 25th to 21st,” she said. “That section will be a separate contract. I do not have a time frame [because] we are still finalizing the construction documents. However, it will be completed by October.”
       Phase 1 of the Midland Trail was built in 2004 from America the Beautiful Park to 21st Street.

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